Crossmen 2014 - Alma Gitana: A Gypsy Soul - Colorguard

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8,071 plays Latch (feat. Sam Smith) Disclosure Settle


Latch (feat. Sam Smith) - Disclosure


College kids

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Bluecoats 2014 - Tilt

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  • DCI Music Tech: You were sharp on that note
  • DCI Visual Tech: You missed your dot by 0.125 of a step
  • DCI Caption Head: Your horn angle is about 0.1 degrees too low
  • DCI Member: I came out here to have a good time and honestly I'm feeling so attacked right now


first things first i’m image

have you ever had that moment where you see police officers and try not to look suspicious even though you didnt do anything and you end up looking like you just murdered ten people

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The Cadets are having a great season this year!



I guess you could say they…
Started on the right foot

stfu kid

sorry but the big hit in the Bluecoats ballad will never not give me chills